the digital and physical world collide

vision(g8) is the genesis of a new generation

The VISION(G8) Ecosystem allows users easy interface between the physical and digital world. Use the VG8 Bank Card, DApp and ATM to securely buy real world products with your cryptocurrency, or connect with the VG8 Community.

VG8 System Network

touch the future

Gen 1 VG8 Crypto ATM
crypto ATMs


In the future, the VISION(G8) Stations (ATM) will enable the use of many different services, such as the purchase and sale of crypto funds, which you can withdraw either in cash or on your bank card, which you also obtain directly at a Station (ATM).

At the vending machines, you can shop interactively and also download the VISION(G8) DApp, which offers you many advantages in the community. Flowers can be sent via the shop, parking tickets paid, fill in lottery tickets and much more.

VISION(G8) is currently the most advanced technology on the market, outclassing any other conventional crypto-ATM in any respect.


team members


years of testing


Days of progress


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the vision(g8) timeline




The vision

The VISION(G8) team developed initial concepts which were assessed as feasible in a Feasibility Study.


First Investments

The initial financing was provided by the team members and work on the project began.


Phase 1

First applications were tested and the VG8 stations were designed, for which technical drawings were made.


Phase 2

Completion of the closed beta version and continuous implementation of the end user functions in the VG8 stations.


Phase 3

Testing the applications in connection with the integrated credit cards.


Phase 4

Order 50 VG8 stations from the manufacturer in order to test network activities, processing mechanisms and the supply chain at various European locations.


structural setup

After successful completion of the test phase, the city of Zug in Switzerland was chosen as the new headquarters for the VISION(G8) Project.


Identity setup

Design and implementation of the VISION(G8) image. Alignment of the VG8 stations with extended community functions.


station design

The appearance of the VG8 stations has been adapted to the new requirements. The monitors have been enlarged to 42 inches to display all community functions.


development Platform

All teams involved meet in Zug and decide to adapt the systems and applications of VISION(G8) on the basis of HEDERA HASHGRAPH.



The first negotiations with selected investors have begun to lead VISION(G8) into a global future.


Vision(g8) 1.0

Provision of the open beta community application with initial standard features. Adjustments will be made based on feedback from this field test.


Banking capabilities

VISIONG8 secured the Banking, Bankcard, Exchange and OTC Features for Worldwide roll out with a Swiss financial Market authority approved partner.


going public

The first VG8 stations are put into operation at exclusive locations with the help of existing partners, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Dubai and Brazil.


Vision(g8) Lounge

Opening of the first VISION(G8) Lounges in Switzerland and Germany.


Project EUROPE

Nationwide expansion of the VG8 station network for the entire European market.


Marketplace 2019

Publication of the VG8 Community Marketplace 2.0 with extended functions and additional marketing options for end users and dealers.


vision(g8) mobile

Provision of enhanced VG8 services for mobile interfaces to maximize the access potential of the existing community infrastructure at all times.


future development

Continuous trend and market analysis serve as a basis for extended research and development projects to ensure the future viability of VISION(G8) well beyond 2040.

into the future we go

real world to digital interaction

your dmg8 connection key

With the DMG8 DApp for Android and Apple Smartphone, you have all the advantages of VISION(G8) at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Features that simplify your daily life, provide freedom and full anonymity are just a click away. All functions are divided into 3 areas:


Add funds such as credit cards, vouchers and more to manage your credit with one touch. Send or receive anonymous money to or from your friends within seconds using the latest Blockchain, DLT and Algorithmus Technology. Change currencies and pay as easy, fast and anonymously as never before.


Support other people, communicate with friends and you will be rewarded for it.

Marketplace + Stations

Benefit from exclusive offers and events in the VISION(G8) marketplace. Not only online, but also directly from your app or at any VG8 ATM station.


Dapp capabilities

Send & RECEIVE Money
Events & Tickets
News & Online Magazine
Advertising Management
ATM Station Map

VISIONG8 App Screen
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