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Association + management


Ricardo Kuonen


Ricardo brings solid banking education and experience in various management positions of national and international companies to the management of VISION(G8). His team leader skills have led to many good solutions in difficult situations.


Dogan Kaleli


He supports us with his extensive leadership qualities in the corporate, start-up and non-profit business. Thanks to his international career in the management of the ALLIANZ insurance company and his knowledge in the area of special insurance and business, Dogan has the competence to assess situations correctly and to advise the VISION(G8) Association with his experience.


Daniel Neeser


Since 2003, he has been a professional in the following fields; Mobile technology, Internet and network, Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud & Smart ICT Big Data. Advises and supports countless companies in these areas. His proposed solutions and their implementation as well as the associated technical refinements have accompanied the VISION(G8) project right from the start.


Marc Schildknecht


Since 2015 he has been responsible for mining farms in Switzerland and nearby foreign countries. As a technical genius, he is responsible for the processes and day-to-day business of the VISION(G8) Association.

Project Board


Carlos Marquez


Carlos brings 20 years of experience in design and management with him and has long been in charge of setting up online communities at Swiss universities. With an application developed by him, he belonged to the winning team of the Start-up Boot Camp 2018 in Dubai. Together with over 20 developers, Carlos is now responsible for building up the VISION(G8) community.


Nicolas Schmid


As an expert for software development, leader of major projects in state-owned companies as well as international corporations and a profound expert on the crypto world, Nicolas supports VISION(G8) with words and deeds. His work in project preparation is invaluable for VISION(G8).


Tino Ahlers


For decades Tino has been working as a motivator with the opinion makers and leaders of our society. He is the owner of an influencer marketing agency that reaches over 20 million people worldwide and launches projects in the luxury real estate and goods sector. With the resources of this agency he supports VISION(G8) in a great way.


Faa Balàzs


As a professor at Eszterházy Károly University in Budapest, Faa teaches and imparts knowledge about the world of colors and shapes and their influence on our society. His areas of expertise are applications and web design as well as modern application possibilities and developments in this field. Faa supports the VISION(G8) project with his large network and a lot of commitment.

strategy + Planning


Csaba Aszalai


From Bundesbahn directly to VISION(G8). Csaba is a systems engineer for security and archiving. Highly complex structures are his daily tasks, applications his passion. He is a specialist for Ubuntu Server, Apache/nginx, iptables, OpenVPN, OpenSSL, Icinga, MySQL, MongoDB, Windows Server, MS-SQL Server, VMware ESXi.


Tobias Gremaud


Tobias is a specialist in digital economy and integrated communication. He has many years of professional experience in various industries and positions and works internationally as a lecturer and speaker. With his experience in digital innovation processes and data-driven marketing platforms, he is the perfect partner for VISION(G8) in strategy development and implementation.


Johann Marquez


Johann has already led international teams in Latin America, North America and Europe. He is an award-winning entrepreneur with many years of experience in operations management and adept at handling start-up projects. For VISION(G8) he is building the international network.


Pascal Schildknecht


As a lecturer for online media and marketing at the Swiss School of Economics and Information Technology, Pascal is one of the pillars of VISION(G8). He now brings his decades of experience in the international money transfer business to this project.

Software + Design


John D Allen


John Allen is a highly experienced Software and IT Engineer, having worked across the world at many very high profile companies since the mid-90’s.

Lockheed Martin, Dayton OH, Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek CA, Hitachi, 2000 Sierra point Parkway, Brisbane CA, MAZDA Motor America, Irvine CA, James Martin Associates, Staines, London. UK. (Texas Instruments). IEF 3GL source generators of IEM method, early work on Powerbuilder projects for Hitachi, Early Mosaic ! & first Applets at Lockheed w/ JDBC-ODBC ORB Bridges/ Orbixweb - CORBA implementations.


Alisha Rosen


Alisha joined the team to offer some visual direction and creativity. She also builds and maintains the new VISION(G8) website.  User experience is very important to her and offers a different perspective than the engineering team.


Izidor Hody


Visualization of content and smooth data transfer are important factors at VISION(G8), which is taken care of by Izidor, a master in this field. Ubuntu Server, apache / nginx, iptables, OpenVPN, OpenSSL, Icinga, MySQL, MongoDB, Windows Server, MS-SQL Server, VMware, ESXi


Balàzs Dohanyos


Balàzs is responsible for our databases and their security. He specializes in high-performance activities where he ensures smooth processes. Java, .NET (Server, WPF, WinForms), PHP Android, Objective-C (iOS), Swift (iOS), C ++, ABAP (SAP), PKI (X.509, PKC S, CA, AA, embedded Java Card programming), DBA


Arpad Miklos


Arpad brings his experience from numerous major projects to VISION(G8). Big Data, data analyst, DB optimizing, data mining, MS-SQL, IIS & .NET framework: C #, ASP, MVC, WinForm, Entity Framework 6.x, WebService, WebSocket, .NET CORE 2.0: C #, MVC, MySQL - .NET Core Connection, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Go

German Community Leaders


Julian Brandt


Media such as Telegram, Twitter and Co. are Julian’s specialty. On Telegram he maintains one of the largest German news / information channels in the crypto sector. Julian has many years of experience in support and moderation of groups and channels. His maxim is: Only a satisfied community member is a happy community member. His helpful and open-minded nature as well as his in-depth knowledge in the field of crypto and assets make Julian the perfect contact for the members of the community.


Jan Hartmann


Jan grew up with Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain in the German cryptoscene. He has been active in the crypto world since 2013. Prior to joining VISION(G8), he worked as an advisor to other ICOs and other projects in the field. With great dedication and well-founded know-how, Jan now takes over this central task area at VISION(G8). He is the contact person for the German community.

Association Advisory, Finance + Legal


Matt Wei


An ex- HSBC Banker, and member of law and compliance division at HSBC Singapore. Matt is since 2010 working as compliance officer and law advisor for Apex Capital Ventures HK Ltd. Matt has his focus in new technology and new compliance regulation. Working as IT law and compliance manager at Apex, Matt has extensive experiences with Blockchain implementation projects.


Peter Wong


Senior board member at Apex Capital Ventures HK LTD. Peter has more then 30 years experiences in classic banking and trade business and was working at several bank institution in Asia, such as HSBC, DBS and Standard Chartered Bank. Peter is responsible for project structuring and assets management at Apex board since 2011.


Roland Ringgenberg


As an independent digital architect with over 25 years of experience in digital business for international companies, Roland transforms purpose, determination, strategy, impact and customer focus into scalable solutions and guarantees sustainable success in the implementation and continuous development of digital business models and ecosystems. Roland is the official Hedera Hashgraph Ambassador.


Alexander Sabeti


Alexander is a senior board member of Apex Capital Ventures Ltd. Alexander is since 1993 active in financial sector and was working for companies such as HSBC New York, HK and Dubai, Mercer NYC, Litasco Dubai, Glencore NL and CH and is a board member of Apex since 2010. Alexander’s focus is the asset management, project management, project advisory, trade structuring and financing.


team members


years of testing


Days of progress


gallons of Coffee

the vision(g8) timeline




The vision

The VISION(G8) team developed initial concepts which were assessed as feasible in a Feasibility Study.


First Investments

The initial financing was provided by the team members and work on the project began.


Phase 1

First applications were tested and the VG8 stations were designed, for which technical drawings were made.


Phase 2

Completion of the closed beta version and continuous implementation of the end user functions in the VG8 stations.


Phase 3

Testing the applications in connection with the integrated credit cards.


Phase 4

Order 50 VG8 stations from the manufacturer in order to test network activities, processing mechanisms and the supply chain at various European locations.


structural setup

After successful completion of the test phase, the city of Zug in Switzerland was chosen as the new headquarters for the VISION(G8) Project.


Identity setup

Design and implementation of the VISION(G8) image. Alignment of the VG8 stations with extended community functions.


station design

The appearance of the VG8 stations has been adapted to the new requirements. The monitors have been enlarged to 42 inches to display all community functions.


development Platform

All teams involved meet in Zug and decide to adapt the systems and applications of VISION(G8) on the basis of HEDERA HASHGRAPH.



The first negotiations with selected investors have begun to lead VISION(G8) into a global future.


Vision(g8) 1.0

Provision of the open beta community application with initial standard features. Adjustments will be made based on feedback from this field test.


Banking capabilities

VISIONG8 secured the Banking, Bankcard, Exchange and OTC Features for Worldwide roll out with a Swiss financial Market authority approved partner.


going public

The first VG8 stations are put into operation at exclusive locations with the help of existing partners, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Dubai and Brazil.


Vision(g8) Lounge

Opening of the first VISION(G8) Lounges in Switzerland and Germany.


Project EUROPE

Nationwide expansion of the VG8 station network for the entire European market.


Marketplace 2019

Publication of the VG8 Community Marketplace 2.0 with extended functions and additional marketing options for end users and dealers.


vision(g8) mobile

Provision of enhanced VG8 services for mobile interfaces to maximize the access potential of the existing community infrastructure at all times.


future development

Continuous trend and market analysis serve as a basis for extended research and development projects to ensure the future viability of VISION(G8) well beyond 2040.

into the future we go